Red Clay Completes Acquisition of Threat Hunting Startup C3 Security

This Latest Solution Will Foster Improved Cybersecurity Operations within Utilities


Atlanta, GA – February 5th, 2019 – Red Clay Consulting, a leading provider of business and technology solutions to the utilities industry, has completed the acquisition of Threat Hunting startup C3 Security as part of its continuing effort to expand the new SecureGrid business unit.

Widely used in other industries, automated Threat Hunting is virtually nonexistent in the utilities sector. “Red Clay specializes in converting unwieldy data streams into valuable information. Traditionally this has been to measure usage and help transform utility business operations,” says Red Clay Consulting co-founder and SecureGrid chief executive Michael Cocroft, “With automated threat hunting we can use this same skill set to expose threats and raise alerts. It’s a natural fit.”

“Threat hunting has been a highly manual process.  Historically, it required extensive hours by a security analyst to sift through various data sources to create hypotheses about potential threats.  This activity was largely based on the individual’s own knowledge and familiarity with the network,” says Michael Pearson, co-founder of SecureWorks and Chief Information Security Officer of SecureGrid, “With the incorporation of C3 technology on our SecureGrid platform we can cut the time and resources required to rapidly identify real threats and respond in an effective and timely manner.”

Christopher Corcoran, founder of C3 Security now Director of Threat Analysis with SecureGrid says, “I’m excited to join a team that understands how our technology can be fully deployed to protect critical infrastructure. Our Threat Hunting technology combined with Red Clay’s SecureGrid platform doesn’t generate more noise to compound alert fatigue; on the contrary, the technology was built to work agnostically with all data and amplify the value of preexisting solutions.  Our goal has always been to enable efficient analytics and response by providing the big picture and tells the story of what happened, where, and how to best remediate and protect against similar attacks from happening again and we are thrilled to be able to offer this to the utilities sector.”

According to Gunter Ollmann, founder of Ablative Security LLC, C3 Advisor and Chief Security Officer for Microsoft’s Cloud and AI Security division, “The marrying of C3’s innovative threat hunting and automated orchestration platform with Red Clay’s deep understanding of Utility-specific threats and business consultancy experience is the kind of force multiplier needed to shepherd and support Utility customers who have embarked on their digital transformation journey.”

As previously announced, SecureGrid represents Red Clay’s entry into the cybersecurity sector, and like the firm’s core business of solutions for the utility industry, leverages Red Clay’s extensive experience with advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and the resulting meter data. This experience, paired with proven cybersecurity leadership and proprietary technology, provides the foundation for a unique cybersecurity solution.


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