RED Talks | How could the principles of a checking account apply to your electric bill?

The concept of adding money to a bank account and spending it later is certainly familiar to most, but the average consumer may not know this approach is now being implemented within the utility industry. Because of the benefits to both the consumer and the utility, the concept of pre-paid metering has found resounding success in the marketplace. In this RED Talk, presented by Senior Consultant Roop Kalimuthu, learn about pre-paid metering and why utilities around the world are adopting this approach.

About Roop Kalimuthu, Senior Consultant

As a Senior Consultant for Red Clay Consulting, Roop Kalimuthu is responsible for the design, technical configuration and integration of Oracle Utilities applications. Roop has a programming background in Java and C#, and is experienced in application design and development. He is an Oracle Certified Specialist in Oracle Utilities MDM and Oracle Utilities SGG.

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