RED Talks | What happens when you don’t pay your electric bill?

Meter-to-cash is a straightforward process. As a utility, you have a meter and a customer information system, which are used to determine usage and send the customer a bill. As consumers, we all pay our utility bills for the services we receive; however, bill nonpayment can be a serious issue for utilities. In this RED Talk, presented by Managing Consultant Antony Rithin, gain an insider’s view into what happens from a utility’s perspective when a consumer does not pay their bill.

About Antony Rithin, Managing Consultant

As a Managing Consultant for Red Clay Consulting, Antony Rithin is responsible for overseeing the design, technical configuration and integration of Oracle Utilities applications. Antony has a programming background in Java and .NET, and is experienced in application design and development. He obtained a Master’s Degree in Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Computer Networking. He is an Oracle Certified Specialist in Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management and Oracle Utilities Smart Grid Gateway.

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