RED Talks | How can time of use rates benefit customers and utilities?

The time of use (TOU) pricing model is based on the concept of charging customers for a commodity based on the precise hour, day, and month that it is used. This RED Talk addresses why the time of use pricing model is valuable to both utilities and customers, as well as how this time-variant pricing is anticipated to affect the future of the industry.

About Tyler Hammett, Consultant

As a consultant, Tyler Hammett is responsible for defining, documenting, and reviewing project requirements and use cases, leading requirements-gathering workshops and training, creating and comprehending requirements and providing technical and functional solutions through written and verbal communication. Additionally, he is responsible for managing the project design mapping of client requirements to the technical solution, writing QA documents, configuring software, thoroughly testing code, and documenting test results. Tyler also has extensive experience in all phases of the software development lifecycle. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Davidson College.

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