Red Clay Consulting Assists with Hurricane Harvey Massive Outage Management

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Red Clay Consulting Assists with Hurricane Harvey Massive Outage Management

Atlanta, Georgia – September 29, 2017 – While there are many reasons utilities are choosing to invest in advanced outage management systems, predicted increases in the number and strength of hurricanes over the coming years certainly make a compelling and visible case in favor of improving outage management. These meteorological events cause massive outages that can collapse entire systems within a utility, ultimately causing negative impacts in its customers’ bills. A Red Clay client with approximately one million Texas meters anticipated the eventuality of such an occurrence and asked us to build a catastrophic outage solution that could put their meter data management system into a “storm mode” when needed.

Hurricane Harvey left nearly 75% of the utility’s customers in Texas without power. Shortly before the storm’s landfall, the utility notified Red Clay of the need to invoke the catastrophic outage solution. This solution allowed the utility to track current outages and prevented incorrect estimations that adversely affect billing and market settlement. With the catastrophic outage solution in place, the utility was able to quickly initiate and complete outages within the system proactively to mitigate impact to the market and streamline their support operations.

Thanks to the client’s forward thinking and desire to place customers’ interests above all else, Texas crews are now entering the final stages of the restoration effort. For more information on how we can serve your outage management needs, contact Red Clay Consulting.