Meter Data Management in the Enterprise

Meter Data Management in the Enterprise from cgjohns

Based on implementation experience with three different clients implementing the latest versions of Oracle Utilities MDM & SGG, Red Clay has pulled together some lessons learned, best practices and advice for enterprises preparing for implementation. The discussion will focus on positive impacts to the business practices and processes of the enterprise from both a client and SI perspective.

  • The need to understand Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management and Smart Grid Gateway’s role in the enterprise, including discussion the system’s responsibilities and the need for a formalized business process before technical deployments.
  • Best practices for environment set-up and migration to ensure a smooth development process.
  • Understanding the role of MDM and SGG in the enterprise.
    • Including SOR and System Responsibilities
    • Business before Technical
  • Environment Architecture and Migration
    • What to expect
  • AMI Vendor Support (for Integration)
    • Required support from other system vendors
  • How to begin designing your systems integration
    • When in doubt, build to a standard
    • Understand Audit Goals