RED Talks | How Can Demand Response Help Us Avoid Power Outages

When events such as extremely high system demand or low system capacity occur, demand response can help protect all of us from power outages. The latest RED Talk from Red Clay Consulting addresses the basic concepts of demand response and how participation affects everyone in the marketplace, including consumers.

Fernando Pino

As a Senior Consultant at Red Clay, Fernando Pino is a subject matter and technical expert on overall architecture and design for implementation projects. Fernando has implemented a range of Oracle Utilities and LODESTAR products for various clients, both as a product expert and as a systems integration team member. He has extensive experience in all aspects of systems analysis, design, development, and testing. He has played a key role in implementing billing, pricing, settlement, and meter data management systems all over the world. Due to this extensive history, Fernando is considered the foremost expert on Oracle Utilities Billing Component. Fernando’s commitment and dedication to each client has consistently resulted in deliveries that exceed client expectations.

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