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Better Tools Enable Better Service At California Utility

SDG&E USES CENTRALIZED CALCULATION ENGINE TO OFFER CUSTOMERS MORE OPTIONS Consumers expect more value from utilities in the way of lower bills and more flexible options. These requests may seem simple, but they often involve complex changes at utilities. Delivery usually requires the complete reconfiguration or replacement of multifaceted systems to enhance the way utilities […]

Red Clay Consulting Paves The Way For A Smooth Implementation of a New CIS at Kansas City Power & Light With Successful MDM& ODM Implementation

The intricate technology framework that must be mastered to successfully implement new utility Meter Data Management (MDM) and Operational Device Management (ODM) systems—simultaneously—is no small undertaking. Approaching this in the context of a five-year technology roadmap that involves replacing nearly every major IT system, including the customer information system (CIS)— on a condensed timeline—makes this […]

Red Clay Implements Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management Solution To Improve Settlement Process At Ameren Missouri

THE NEED FOR A BETTER SETTLEMENT SOLUTION AT AMEREN In 2013 St. Louis-based Ameren Missouri set out to create a more efficient and reliable settlement solution to aggregate the consumption and financial data available for its gas and electrictransmission networks. Ameren’s intent was to select the best possible solution and most efficient and costeffective path […]

Optimizing Meter-to-Cash Operations at American Electric Power

Improving meter-to-cash processes is commonly used for justifying the investment in smart meters and meter data management (MDM) platforms at utilities. Because meter-to-cash (M2C) is easy to remember, tied to a critical outcome via revenue, and well-suited for an acronym, this term has become a frequent catchphrase in the utility industry. In practice, streamlining the […]