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Each day, your utility is vulnerable to outside threats via entry points that did not even exist a decade ago. How mature is your organization when it comes to cybersecurity?

Let Red Clay work with you to understand your current risks, prioritize them, and remedy those issues, allowing you to proactively defend the information of your customers and assets.

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Our Exclusive Suite of Security Assessments

AMI Security Controls Assessment


Based on CIS Critical Security Controls and the NIST 800-53 frameworks, this assessment maps compliance mandates to technical standards, risks, and security controls. Make the most of your substantial investment in your AMI system through our exclusive AMI Security Controls Assessment. With AMI expertise developed over countless implementations, Red Clay will help you determine risks and create an ongoing security action plan.

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Red Team Penetration Test


Unlike traditional pentests, which use mostly automated tools, Red Clay’s Red Team Penetration Test leverages our certified ethical hackers to manually probe and test your security controls just like real-world hackers. Finding and exploiting weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your systems is our key focus in this assessment. Working with our experienced professionals, your utility will build a plan to address critical weaknesses in your cybersecurity operations.

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AMI Threat Modeling


A threat model is a description of a set of possible attacks to consider when designing a system. Furthermore, the threat model can be used to assess the probability, severity, and reasoning of certain attacks and allow for designers to implement proper controls for mitigation purposes. The development of a threat model includes listing the security assumptions, threat agents, motivations, threats, vulnerabilities, controls, and assets in the system of interest.

Because of the nature of AMI networks, it is not possible to conduct a real-world penetration test. As such, this service is designed to provide detailed simulated attacks against a virtualized model of the AMI infrastructure. By revealing both technical and structural vulnerabilities of AMI infrastructures, Red Clay enables decision makers to analyze the maturity of the architecture and its susceptibility to cyberattacks.

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Threat Hunting


Red Clay has developed next generation cybersecurity automation in the form of advanced investigative analysis – more commonly referred to as threat hunting. Our technology was built to emulate data breach incident response methodologies by automating the workflows performed in advanced forensic analysis during large scale data breaches. We take the top-tier incident responder and bring it to you as intelligent, automated threat hunting services.

While other threat hunting companies are still manually driven by analysts investigating alerts, we have cutting-edge technology that dynamically investigates every alert for a full incident triage containing:


  • Analysis Audit Trail
  • Extracted IOC Listings
  • Alert Activity Timeline
  • Source Evidence Package
  • Dynamic Reporting Updates

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“As OUC started this project, we recognized that this implementation would be pioneering unchartered territory for U.S. utilities, but we were confident we had the right team, the right partners, and the right solution for success. We were fortunate to have a partner like Red Clay Consulting as the system integrator for this project. Their professionalism, dedication, and expertise enabled us to achieve quality implementation on time and on budget.”

IT Director
Orlando Utilities Commission

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“We decided to upgrade our billing system to further enhance its reliability. We chose Red Clay for its experience with Lodestar and Oracle Utilities products and with implementing similar projects. We are extremely satisfied with the results of this project.”

Project Sponsor
Knoxville Utilities Board

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“I had people on the project that had a lot of experience working with a lot of different vendors…and I asked them throughout the project, ‘How do you see this going? What’s your overall experience?’ The common message was that they really enjoy working with Red Clay. They felt that Red Clay and the IESO were working as a common team. So from that point of view, how we worked together, how we solved problems, how we delivered the final solution was done very well.”

Senior Manager, Meter Data Management

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“Their expertise in organizational change management and being a sounding board throughout our CIS implementation project has been invaluable.”

Customer Care Director
Georgetown Utility Systems

“We chose Red Clay based on its extensive experience and solid guidance, giving us a realistic view about our future state. We want to enhance the services we provide to our residents to continue to exemplify our motto of being ‘A Great Place to Grow.’"

Utility Director
City of Edmond, Oklahoma

“We are committed to employing cutting-edge technologies to best serve our customers. The cloud technology involved in this project is at the forefront of modernizing utility operations. Red Clay’s vast experience in the utilities industry, along with the parallels between how Red Clay and EPSA operate, made them a natural choice for us.”

Project Director
EPSA, a CELSIA Company

“We could not have completed our AMI integration project without our favorite partner, Red Clay Consulting. The Red Clay team has been amazing since the beginning!”

Customer Care Director
Seattle City Light

A Word From Our Partners

At a recent conference, we sat down with our partners at Oracle. We discussed the success of our partnership, along with our vision and focus for the future.


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